Section 604 - Constitution, By-laws and Penal Code requires the Site Selection Committee to select a city with adequate Class A housing and an adequate facility for the Annual Session of the Grand Chapter.

At the 2013 session, the membership approved the recommendation of the Site Selection Committee to utilize the city of Yakima and SunDome for sessions 2016 thru 2018.  Based on offers from available cities and facilities, it was apparent none could match or beat the offer of SunDome in all areas of the membership’s requirements.

We, the committee, would like the opinion of the membership for Grand Chapter sessions in the years following 2018.

Some of the things we must consider are:

  • Area of the state for session

  • Tiered seating for better viewing (marches, etc.)

  • Large video screens to aid in viewing

  • Lodging close to convention site

  • RV parks close to convention site

  • Ability of facility to cater meals and banquets

  • Available parking near facility

  • Tours and other attractions in or near city

  • Storage and transportation of much of the session property

We have developed a survey which can be easily completed online.  Please complete the survey so we have a better idea on how to better serve the membership.  There is a block at the bottom of the survey for any additional comments.

Thank you,

Lee Ison, Chairman

Site Selection Committee


Click here to view a summary chart comparing several facilities that have been reviewed by the Session Site Selection Committee.
As more facilities are reviewed, the chart will be updated.

Click here to take the Session Site Selection Survey