"Memory Makers" Grand Family 2015-2016

Memory Makers Grand Family

Photos from the 2015 Washington OES Grand Chapter Session & Installation of 2015-16 "Memory Makers" Grand Family are being uploaded daily. Link will be activated soon! 

Information for the 7-day or 14-day "Stars of the Caribbean" cruise is posted on the WGM/WGP web page!

Thank You letter from Jr-Past WGM Mary Ann Fergusson


It's time to golf!!


General Grand Chapter in Pittsburgh, PA, in November 2015
Triennial Assembly letter January 2015

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IMPORTANT NOTE: GGC Triennial Session Housing deadline is August 15th and pre-registration deadline is Sept 15th.  The dinner for Washington honoring John will be Wednesday night.


View photos from Sept. 19 Reception Dinner for MWGP John Grobler!






Does your chapter have extra badges, Star Point emblems, or altar cloths?

The subordinate chapters of the Grand Chapter of Italy need our help. If your chapter has extra sets of badges, Star Point paraphernalia, or altar cloths, WGP Bob deBruyn would welcome those items and give them new homes in Italian OES chapters. His snail mail and telephone contact information are listed in the Blue Book; his email is bobedebruyn@yahoo.com

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