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Order by event and a brief description:
Gala - Peggy & Pete at dinner
2017 Sunday Evening Gala   
2017 Monday Afternoon Informal Opening    
2017 Monday Evening Formal Opening  
2017 Tuesday Morning Session  
2017 Tuesday Afternoon Session  
2017 Tuesday Evening Session including Memorial  
2017 Wednesday Morning Session 
2017 Wednesday Afternoon Session  includes 50-Year Members  
Wednesday Installation of 2017-18 Dancing Lights Grand Family    
 "Dancing Lights" Grand Officers  
 "Flight Instructor" Deputy Instructors
2017 Grand Chapter Decorations
2017 Chapter Banners

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Does your chapter have extra badges, Star Point emblems, or altar cloths?

The subordinate chapters of the Grand Chapter of Italy need our help. If your chapter has extra sets of badges, Star Point paraphernalia, or altar cloths, WGP Bob deBruyn would welcome those items and give them new homes in Italian OES chapters. His snail mail and telephone contact information are listed in the Blue Book; his email is bobedebruyn@yahoo.com

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